If you haven't seen it yet, our comments section has returned! This is thanks to our Patreon backers pushing us to the latest goal, so give them a round of applause.

As before, please be respectful, of me but mostly of other readers. Disagreement is fine, inescapable even. Debate and discussion is beautiful, but there is no reason for escalation, trolling, or flaming. Do the kids still flame, is that still a thing? Name-calling won't be tolerated, antagonism and baiting is deep-water uncool, and I will call out bigotry when I see it. Shit on my skills all you want, trash the comic until the comet claims us all, but please stay away from personal attacks. Keep it civil, don't post angry, and everything will be alright forever.

Cheers, and thanks again to our Patreon backers for their continued support.

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New News News
Time for a quick update on Pictures of You. First, we'll hit the 10-year anniversary of the day we launched come Feb 4th! We don't have anything special planned, but feel free to have a drink or whatever is your vice and tell everyone you know to read the comic.

Second, our Patreon is very close to reaching our next target, at which time comments will return to the main site. The amount we bring in changes every month, so we can't tell you exactly how far we are from hitting the goal, but it's in the 20 bones range. Right now, Patrons have access to the rest of Book Six (which will finish posting the site in March,) and between you and me, it's worth dropping the buck to catch up. There's also extra illustrations and previews and junk. Plus, it helps us cover those luxury expenses like food and electricity and internet connections that keep the comic going, just saying. Find it here: https://www.patreon.com/PicturesofYou

Third, uh...third things, uhm...oops.

Cheers, ducks.

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Update on Elsie
Good news about our foundling kitty Elsie and her surgery! While her leg when x-rayed a month ago was broke as old hell, when the surgeon examined her yesterday, it was determined that the leg had healed on its own, at least enough that she doesn't need the surgery! We're not sure how it happened, but we'll take credit for it nonetheless.

Of course, some of you donated money for the surgery, and you may want it back. I refer to Stray Haven's text here, "If you would like your donation refunded, please send an email to info@strayhavenrescue.org by 8/26/2016 with the subject line "Elsie - refund" and include information regarding the manner in which your donation was sent. If you wish for your donation to be set aside and used for a future emergency for another cat in need, no contact is required, and we thank you for your generosity" More information can be found here, https://www.facebook.com/StrayHavenSTL/

Thank you again to every who gave so generously, and to everyone else who shared the message.

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