The Romantic Junkies and Patreon
By now you've probably seen the beginning of Book Six, The Romantic Junkies, and are guessing as to what's going to unfold in this chapter, though we may have some surprises yet in store for you. We're past the half-way point in the series now, and events are...underway.

In the time we were down, those few months beginning the year, we were able to get back up to speed after the loss of notes and script for the next few books. We were also able to regroup energy and inspiration to push into the second half. While not everything is the same as it was before, the basic plot is still unfolding as planned and we've put the details back together in a way that excites us. Hopefully it'll live up to everyone's faith.

Thanks again to everyone who flooded us with well-wishing and shows of support. We know we lost some readers in the hiatus, it's just a truth of online updating that people get lost when there's downtime. Most of you stuck with us, though, and others will find their way back. We like to think we'll be able to find some new readers this year as well, so we keep on.

A big development for us too is our new Patreon campaign, where readers can help support the creation of the story. Our Patreon is essentially a monthly tipping effort, where supporters (or Patrons) can send us a little money each month, and those little monies turn into bigger monies that let us buy material and internet access and, well, food. We know not everyone can afford to send us big cash or the cost of books, but even a single dollar a month helps. And as our way of saying thank you, there's an extra thank you that is exclusive to Patrons, something different every month.

We hope you'll visit our Patreon at and consider dropping a few coins into our hat. Every dollar is appreciated.

Cheers, and thanks again!

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The Pictures of You Half-Time Show
So here's what happened.

Pictures of You is a long story, and being such a long story, it gets told in many parts, not all of which could be written completely at the beginning of the project. We're talking a couple thousand pages of comic script. I can only imagine my descent into madness had I tried to get all of that out before I started drawing. I plotted the entire story, though loosely in some places, and that plot adapted here and there as the details for the first books became more defined. The overall story stayed the same, but sometimes how we got from one major point to another had to change.

That left me with a lot of notes scribbled (well, typed) from the barest of point form to lengthy pieces of story or varied lengths of unformed dialogue. They got put into the files for their respective books and updated as often as I could remember to do it. As I would get to a certain point in any of the volumes, I would crack out the notes and files for the next book and start cobbling a script from them.

I'll get this in long before those horrible people out there start screeching about making backups and blah blah blah, let me say it. I make backups. I make backups. I make them. By me, they get made. So, really, don't say it. I make copies in a variety of places (external memory, other computers, discs) and I usually make print copies of at least one version along the way.

Well, I lost them.

All of the files, backups, and physical copies of every note, file, bit of script, dialogue excerpt, and character description I'd done for the 2014 year has vanished. Wait, not every, there was 10 pages of script that was originally meant for Book 5 that got moved to Book 6, we still have that. And there's still the original notes and other material from the original plotting done in let's say 2006. Otherwise, yes, we lost everything for Books 6-8.

Don't know how it happened. Overzealous and ignorant cleaning of files to make space? Evil sprites? Jesus deciding the story shouldn't go on? Don't know. Losing the physical copies as well seems supernaturally shitty, I don't mind saying. In the end, the how isn't as important.

After a good and well-earned cry, not to mention several weeks of exhaustive searching, I sat down to recreate the books as best as my memory would allow, and to fill in the blanks of my youthfully-abused brain clam. As you might guess, it's a slow and Sisyphean process, and it's going to take some time. As you might also figure out, we can't draw comics without a script to draw.

So, it's not good news.

Since finishing the art for Book 5, aside from lettering a page of Our Time in Eden here and there and getting Book 3 ready for printing, crafting the script for Book 6 is all I've been doing. Well, plotting Books 6-8 is all I've been doing, and now the scripting of Book 6 is underway. I'm doing my best not to rush it while trying to get it done quickly.

Maybe I'm dragging this out. The result is that we're going to be taking a longer break than normal. Not crazy-longer, but longer. I'll do my best to put up something, anything, at least once a week while we're gone, but the comic itself won't resume until sometime in late March. I don't have an exact date, but as soon as I do, I'll let everyone know. We'd like to have more Snapshots for you too, but nothing firm.

How much do I want to apologize for this? More than I could. We'll lose readers, sure. We'll keep readers, sure, I know many/most will continue sticking with and supporting us, and you're meow meow meow. Either way, though, this is a disappointing turn, and a stumble. It's insufficient, but I'm sorry.

You'll see something from us each Monday, at least. Gags, pictures, something. We're also going to do our best to point out some other worthwhile comics to check out, and some art from our readers in the interim. We'll also take a minute to celebrate our EIGHTH anniversary in Feb, because why not?

You can continue to see angry babblings from me on Tweety at and more updates and information on FacePage at . Sorry, kids, we don't Tumbl.

Sorry again.

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Seven Years
Seven years ago, I decided to post online some pages of a comic I'd been working on, mostly just to get some reaction and some feedback. I didn't take it all that seriously to start, and I was curious then how long I would last at this silly little webcomic idea. More than a thousand pages, more than four volumes, dozens of chapters, two schedule changes, a calamitous crowdfund saga that cost more money than it raised, one or two depressed breakdowns on top of a perpetual motion confidence crisis, many miles worth of pencils and miles more of ink, a shift into colour, a giant leap of skill, a marriage to one of my readers, and a respectable number of touched and changed lives later, here we are, almost halfway through the series.

I can't say enough thank yous to our readers, both the ones who've left us and the ones who keep dragging themselves back. To those of you who've thrown your money at us, whether in our crises, or for our wares, or simply to say thank you for pumping out the pages. To the supporters who do their best to spread the word and bring this work to new eyes. To the critiques who helped me improve and to the complainers who kept me focused on what I was doing right. To those who took the time to send emails, and so much to those who shared their own very personal stories, your faith in me has touched me so much.

I am sorry for the things I have done wrong, and the things I have yet to do wrong, though I may not always realize that I have done them. I hope you will all forgive me for taking a moment to be proud of these accomplishments, self-serving as they may be, before I plunge into the next seven years and try to drive this bus home.

Gibson Twist, Feb 2014

PS, To celebrate our seventh year online, we're offering 40% off Pictures of You books in our store. Shipping not included. Go to and use the code ANNIVERSARY to take advantage of the discount.

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