Gibson Twist is a fictional entity.

Gibson Twist was born in the mid-1970s, a shell of his former self. His earliest memory is of his great-grandmother's funeral, and it was largely downhill from there. He wrote and drew his first comic book at the age of 5, which was critically not well-received. After a series of messy divorces, he turned eight and joined the military, serving his country with the proud men and women of GI Joe.

At the age of 16, Gibson produced his first small press comics with a group of friends who taught him how little he knew about writing and art. He continued to write and draw poorly-conceived works until age 19 when he traded comics for alcohol and glaucoma medication, and began writing poorly-conceived prose. During the next decade he worked sporadically as a freelance writer while penning his first novel, Still Life, as well as a dozen drafts of the novel Our Time in Eden and a number of short stories.

Gibson has held a variety of jobs, including but not limited to disc jockey, magazine editor, actor, bouncer, pizza cook, records clerk, convenience store slacker, warehouse monkey, washer of dishes and most notably, guy at record store who bosses people around. He is wildly inspired by music and prefers the intimacy of a small club.

An aficionado of getting the hell out of here, Gibson has traveled extensively throughout North America and held residence in 10 cities in two countries, at more than 50 different addresses. He has gone from coast to coast to coast to coast to coast, yet has never driven a car.

A self-proclaimed Alcoholist, Gibson seeks quality over quantity and encourages people to drink with caution and to play safe. He likes a good scotch, avoids red wine, will never to say no to vodka, will always say no to gin, and knows that the worm at the bottom of mezcal does not induce hallucinations.

In 2005, Gibson was drawn back to comics after being featured in that year's 24 Hour Comics Day Highlights anthology. During that event, he met future Our Time in Eden collaborator Ben Steeves who introduced him to webcomics. After a year of mocking the online comics world, Gibson launched his first webcomic, The Whiskey Devils, a showcase of his other 24 Hour Comics. He followed this up with his first webcomic strip, Cheap Shots, and in 2007 launched Pictures of You, an homage to his drinking buddies and all the stupid things they did.

Though he is a proud Canadian, Gibson is currently living in St Louis, MO with his wife who, all shitting around aside, is his favourite person in the world and makes him happier than a total bastard like him has a right to be. They were married in a comic book shop and they both think that was pretty cool.

There is also a cat, who wants to be fed right now.


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