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Time for a quick update on Pictures of You. First, we'll hit the 10-year anniversary of the day we launched come Feb 4th! We don't have anything special planned, but feel free to have a drink or whatever is your vice and tell everyone you know to read the comic.

Second, our Patreon is very close to reaching our next target, at which time comments will return to the main site. The amount we bring in changes every month, so we can't tell you exactly how far we are from hitting the goal, but it's in the 20 bones range. Right now, Patrons have access to the rest of Book Six (which will finish posting the site in March,) and between you and me, it's worth dropping the buck to catch up. There's also extra illustrations and previews and junk. Plus, it helps us cover those luxury expenses like food and electricity and internet connections that keep the comic going, just saying. Find it here:

Third, uh...third things, uhm...oops.

Cheers, ducks.
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