If you haven't seen it yet, our comments section has returned! This is thanks to our Patreon backers pushing us to the latest goal, so give them a round of applause.

As before, please be respectful, of me but mostly of other readers. Disagreement is fine, inescapable even. Debate and discussion is beautiful, but there is no reason for escalation, trolling, or flaming. Do the kids still flame, is that still a thing? Name-calling won't be tolerated, antagonism and baiting is deep-water uncool, and I will call out bigotry when I see it. Shit on my skills all you want, trash the comic until the comet claims us all, but please stay away from personal attacks. Keep it civil, don't post angry, and everything will be alright forever.

Cheers, and thanks again to our Patreon backers for their continued support.
posted by Gibson Twist @ March 8th, 2017, 12:32 am  |  0 comments

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