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First, Washington Post journalist Michael Cavna is throwing open the doors to webcomics and holding a "Best" Webcomic pageant. Now, admittedly this is more of a popularity thing than a gauge of quality and the winning titles will be popular comics that will be made more popular, but it's still a light on the industry and maybe Reaganomics will kick in and some of that will trickle down.

So if everyone could take a moment, read the article and throw an email into the mix to nominate your favourite webcomics (COUGHHINT) you could potentially draw some traffic to a deserving title.

The article can be found here:


Also, there are a couple of pieces being considered by the US Congress, both of which deal with piracy and copyright infringements online. They are known commonly as Protect-IP and SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act.) Now, I'm loathe to oppose any legislation that helps fight piracy or copyright violation, but these aren't good bills and they won't make good laws.

Personally, I don't buy the hysterical rhetoric that these bills will end the internet and do nothing to stop piracy. I do think they weigh against small business and indpendent artists, if only because those groups can't afford to wage any legal battle, either as plaintiff or defendant.

My feelings on defeating these bills are not strong, not nearly so crusade-like as the melodramatic Cassandra that is internet activism. Also, I am not an American citizen and have no government representative here. Still, I've weighed the information I could find and made my decision to speak up a bit. With that, I will encourage everyone else in the US to make theirs and contact their federal representative about it. Anyone outside the US, make noise as you see fit. Search Protect-IP and/or SOPA and pick your own propaganda.

If you decide to oppose the passage, here is a decent site where you can do that more easily:


Finally, SAVE COMMUNITY! One of the best shows on television is in danger of being given the axe, and as it stands has been put on hiatus. The show is Community, and is in jeopardy because, apparently, people would rather watch Big Bang Theory and watch Sheldon describe his sofa cushion for the fifth straight year. I get it, we're nerds, they're nerds, hooray! Apparently it's too much to ask that we be portrayed as, you know, normal people instead of social pariahs unable to hold a conversation with the outside world. I digress, though, what is important is that Community is a funnier, more interesting, more challenging and BETTER show that is in danger! We are indeed living in a dark universe.
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