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There's been a a bit of discussion as to my influences, so I thought I should take a moment and recognize them.

The first was Jaime Hernandez, artist of Locas Tambien (among other stories) in the comic Love & Rockets, the Big One for indie comics throughout the 80s and the 90s, and for me, Jaime was the king. There was nothing about him that I didn't want to be and nothing about his work that didn't make me squeal with delight. Looking back at that series, it is almost impossible not to see how big his influence was on me, not only in art but in storytelling as well. If anyone wonders where my love of huge black spaces began, there you go. If you aren't familiar with Love & Rockets, I'm not sure I could recommend it more highly.

The other guy is, in my opinion, the Tom Waits of indie comics. His work is quirky and odd with a variable style that lends his art a real atmosphere. Evan Dorkin is the artist of such undergroung masterpieces as the old Bill & Ted comics and Milk and Cheese, and he's also written for Space Ghost Coast to Coast Swim. Evan's work is steeped in fanboy lore, but with a wry perspective on the medium that has always spoken to me, and more than a little of my drawing style has been stolen from him.

Ironically, I've realized recently that the characters of Peter and Christo are, respectively, strikingly similar in appearance to Mr. Dorkin and Mr. Hernandez. It wasn't intentional.
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, July 21st, 2007, 4:21 pm

Influence is a great motivator Influence is good and from there, a style of yours will be born out from it.

Everyone has their own styles that were inspired from someone.

So keep it to where you are and then push yourself further by taking the influence away bit by bit till you discover the end result of it.


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