Currently posting is the brief series of Snapshots! where I am happily getting the chance to work some of my favourite SmackJeeves artists during the hiatus before Book Two: One-Inch Punch begins. It's been a lot of fun for me, and hopefully for the artists as well.

I've been getting a lot of comments lately about the Snapshots, and while they have all been very positive to both the writing and the guest artists, almost everyone has mentioned that they are eager for Book Two to begin. Although I am very glad that everyone is anticipating the return to the regular storyline, there seems to be a sense among the readers that Snapshots is delaying One-Inch Punch from posting. This is not the case.

At present, I am at work on the art for the second book in the series, but I won't begin posting them until I am comfortable with the backlog that I will be able to maintain the regular update schedule as long as possible. For this reason, Book Two will not begin until mid-November. Snapshots is not something that is preventing Book Two, but is instead a fun way to give the fans something to read during this hiatus. Otherwise, there would be no updates on Pictures of You during this time.

Thanks to everyone for their patience. I think One-Inch Punch will be worth the wait.
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