Thanks for a great day!

Read Pictures of You Day has come and gone (though feel free to make every day Read Pictures of You Day) and I know we here are pretty happy with how things went. Quite a few people had fun with the Easter Eggs (if you didn't find them, you didn't read it!) and a lot of folks were kind enough to spread the word all around blogs and tweets and bookfacing, so a big thanks to all of you.

I have no idea who most of you are, but it's all appreciated. Traffic was up a lot for the day, which certainly helps us out, and the Live Chats seemed to go over pretty well. I know I had a blast, and there were a lot of people expressing their hopes that it happen again. I can't when at the moment, but I can say it'll be soon, so everyone who missed it by a hair, you'll get another chance to watch me smoke cigarettes for an hour.

Or you can watch me smoke cigarettes for an hour right now by going to the Read Pictures of You Day channel! I'm not sure how weird it will be since I don't think anyone can see what the viewers were posting, and there are interruptive ads (which is why I answer some questions twice, and not because I was having a stroke.)

Thanks again to everyone who had a hand in making Read Pictures of You Day a simply ass-kicking day. Cheers!
posted by Gibson Twist @ February 5th, 2011, 12:06 am  |  1 comments

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Kotire, February 5th, 2011, 7:04 am

And... A very big thank you Sir, for being a wonderful host.

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