Printing Book Four, Road Notes
Hey, it's the ninth anniversary of Pictures of You, so that means it's time to print another volume of Pictures of You! Keeping with the admittedly predictable format of chronological order, we're getting ready to print BOOK FOUR, ROAD NOTES! We've launched our pre-order funding campaign over on IndieGoGo, where you can pick up your copy of the new book, or all four books, or some original art, or a band shirt straight off the tour!

Don't miss out, grab a copy of Pictures of You Book Four, Road Notes for your shelf!

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November Sale!
Until November 30, we're offering 20% off everything in the LNC store. EVERYTHING! Books! Shirts! Prints! Pictures of You, Our Time in Eden, With A Buzz In Our Ears... and other works by Rori! Your friends and family who won't read things online because the internet is gross and racist? Get them hooked on Pictures of You in print for just EIGHT BUCKS US plus shipping! Or add to your collection!

Go to and use code 'ItsNovember' at the checkout.

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Schedule Change
At the end of the current chapter, coinciding with the end of the month, Pictures of You will be dropping back to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday update schedule for the foreseeable future. Reluctant as I've been to make this change, it's been a while coming. Pictures of You is not a financial success by any stretch, nor is its audience vast. While a small number of folks have been sincerely and incredibly supportive, the truth is that the money coming in doesn't equal the time going out.

I've seen it argued that we who make comics sully ourselves and our work by trying to make money, and that we should make comics for the love of making them, for pure art. You can argue that this is true, and many people do make comics simply for the love of making them, but knocking yourself out and keeping a frequent schedule is not that, and making them doesn't necessitate showing them. I don't have time or spare mental stability to do this for free at this pace anymore. The comic will still be made, it will still be posting, just less frequently.

I didn't want this, I've been proud of my update schedule and would like to see it return to the M-F or even daily posting. Make no mistake, this is a personal setback for me and for the comic, but the choice became to slow it down or stop altogether, whether for an extended hiatus or forever. I chose the former because it's important to me to finish this story. I've bled and cried for this story, made and lost friends over it, met my spouse through it, not to mention the amount of sleep traded for pages.

I keep trying to find a point to what I'm saying, but maybe there isn't one. Maybe it's just rough news. Maybe it's just what I feel I have to do. I suspect most people understand why. Maybe there's consolation in that. Maybe not. Who knows?

This change won't affect backers of the Pictures of You Patreon who will continue to see the same amount of comics in their monthly PDFs. I'll take a minute here to point out that anyone who backs us with even a buck a month gets the monthly comics. I suppose folks who don't think the comic is worth a dollar a month probably shouldn't be too upset about being able to read it less often. But for those who do love it and want to keep reading it at the same pace, maybe a dollar isn't too much.

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